Kalyani is situated at a distance of about 50 Kms from Sealdah and Howrah railway stations in Kolkata. An efficient rail and road network makes the town easily accessible by public and private transport.

Train Connectivity

Kalyani town has four railway stations – Kalyani Main, Kalyani Shilpanchal, Kalyani Ghoshpara and Kalyani Simanta. The nearest Railway station from SKALI is Kalyani Ghoshpara which is only 4-minutes walk. It is linked with the Sealdah railway station in Kolkata by local train called ‘Kalyani Simanta Local’ running between Kalyani Simanta station and Kolkata Sealdah station. Kalyani Main station, at a distance of about 2 kms from SKAIL, is virtually a railway junction having a network of rail lines connecting it with Kolkata, Ranaghat, Lalgola, Krishna Nagar, South Kolkata and various other places.

Road Connectivity

Kalyani is well connected by road link and is easily accessible by private transport and bus service from different places. The important bus routes connecting Kalyani are: Kalyani – Kolkata, Kalyani – Kanchrapara, Kanchrapara – Birahi (via Kalyani), Kanchrapara – Jaguli (via Kalyani), Kalyani – Nimtala, Chunchura – Nabadwip (via Kalyani), Kalyani – Moinaguri, Kalyani – Siliguri, Kalyani – Barakar (Bardhaman), Gayespur – Mogra (via Kalyani), etc.