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Indian Population Project – VIII

These project aims at balanced health services for the population of greater Kolkata. Due to increased population pressure in the overall growth of India and West Bengal to be precise, Calcutta Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) was established for successful implementation of the all-round development of Kolkata and in the meanwhile CMDA has taken up some projects on priority basis. Health related projects were one area which was identified as a priority area.

In the year 1975 – 76 CMDA had taken up Slum Development Activities but it was found that slum dwellers still continued to live under the specter of poverty with all its associated evils like unhygienic neighborhood, congestion, illiteracy and poverty. As a result the necessity of all-round development of health such as balanced diet, minimum earning level, filtered water, good and clean environment for healthy livelihood, sewerage facility and education still remained elusive.

Keeping in view the above background in mind with the assistance of various International organizations a number of projects like I. D. A, C. U. D. P – 3 and C. D.  projects were implemented incorporating the slum areas, CMDA recognized Municipalities and Notified areas. In view of the successful implementation of these projects in the year 1993 – 94 a project for urban poor was introduced which centered upon Family Welfare. This project was to be implemented through CMDA and is popularly referred to as the Indian Population Project – VIII or IPP – VIII.

However, the main theme of the IPP-VIII project is the all round development and welfare of mother and child and secondly the control of population through various scientific means.

The IPP –VIII project is primarily meant for people whose income level is Rs. 1500/ or below. The project envisages to limit the rapid growth of population, particularly in villages and mofussil towns.

A population of 35,000 is required for the project to be implementable. In Kalyani and its surrounding areas the figure of 35,000 people living below poverty line has already been identified and a Health Administrative Unit (HAU) is fully operational.
35 Honorary Health Workers has been engaged in each block of Kalyani township. Supporting these 35 Honorary Health Workers are two tiers of Supervisors – First Tier Supervisors and Second Tier Supervisors. The Second Tier Supervisors hold the position of Sanitary Inspector/ Retired Nursing Staff. All of them are well trained. Each one of them has received training of two and a half months from CMDA.

Each Health Administrative Unit (HAU) consist of the following staff:

  • 2 Attendants.
  • 1 Clerk cum typist cum Store Keeper.
  • 1 Sweeper
  • 1 Ambulance.




The above mentioned staffs are approved by CMDA.
There are two Part Time Medical Officers as well. They visit the sub centers once every week.

On top of the hierarchy is a Full Time Medical Officer. Medicines are supplied by CMDA.
Some important facts:
Ambulance Telephone No: 5829570
Name of Full Time Medical Officer: Dr. Mrs. Indira Choudhury
Name of Part Time Medical Officers: Dr. D. K. Sengupta



JNM Hospital


ESI Hospital


Cure Nursing Home




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