Administrative Authority:

  • Mr. Subrata Chakraborty (CIC Health)

  • Dr. Kamal Kumar Majumder (Medical Officer)

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  • Regular Health Activities Under Kalyani Municipality
  • vector borne diseases control programme





    Awareness rally on prevention of Vector Borne Diseases by student of Primary school at Birsidhunagar, Ward no 17 under Kalyani Municipality...
    Utilization of Guppy fish by the members of Mahila Arogya Samiti ( active SHG groups)...under Kalyani Municipality
    Distribution and utilization of Guppy fish at different sites under Kalyani Municipality..
    Monthly meeting cum Orientation of MAS, with special emphasis on control and prevention of Vector Borne Diseases (e.g.Dengue, malaria etc) through community participation. ..(active SHG groups) under Kalyani Municipality.