The beautiful township of Kalyani is located at the northern tip of the Calcutta Metropolitan District, 48 Kms. away from Calcutta proper. Kalyani forms the northern end of the continuous urban agglomeration which has developed along the twin axes of the Hooghly river and the Railway line connecting Calcutta to North Bengal and Assam.

Kalyani's Modern Face:

The modern township of Kalyani was mooted at a time when the City-of-Joy, Calcutta was reeling under the pressure of the influx and the then Chief Minister of Bengal, Bidhan Chandra Roy, had dreamt of a satellite township to ease the population from the city and that is how Kalyani was born, phoenix-like, out of the ashes of World War II, at the site of what was once an American Base, Roosvelt Town.

Geography and Urban Structure:

Kalyani is located in the Nadia district of West Bengal, within the Kolkata metropolitan area. Kalyani lies along the east bank of the Hooghly River, within the upper Ganges Delta. As with most of the Indo-Gangetic Plain, the soil and water are predominantly alluvial in origin. Kalyani is located over the "Bengal basin", a pericratonic tertiary basin.

Kalyani is a planned city, having underground drainage systems, tree lined avenues, community parks, paved roads intersecting each other at 90 degree. The city itself is divided into four blocks — Block A, Block B, Block C and Block D, which are further divided into sub-blocks. Block A is mostly residential in character with commercial market in A-2 and near the Kalyani Main Railway station. Development in Kalyani started from Block B, which has residential as well as mixed use patterns. The Kalyani Main Post Office, Kalyani Town Club, Industrial Training Institute, Electricity, Telephone offices and the Public Library along with offices of major Banks is situated in Block B. 2 No Market, Saptaparni Market and 3 No Market are the major markets in Kalyani, all of which is situated in Block B. Major parks like the Central Park, Lake Park and Picnic Garden is located in Block B. Block C and Block D are located north of the Kalyani Simanta branch line. Block C is reserved for institutional use and is largely occupied by the Kalyani University and Kalyani Government Engineering College. Block D is the industrial zone, consisting of many small and medium sized industries.




Area : 29.14 SqKm

Coordinates : 22°58′30″N 88°26′04″E

Population : 100,620 (as per 2011 census).

Male : 50,867 Female : 49,753

Literacy Rate : 88.75%

Handlooms & Handicrafts : Khadi,village-pottery,agarbatti(incense), cane and bamboo, carpentry, black- smithy, clay-dolls and images, conch shells, mats etc.